Friday, July 6, 2018


Set sail right now with the second voyage of Captain Wylde! The second issue is now on sale to your right on this very blog! It's available in both a print edition and a digital kindle version (just click the link - lower right.) AND both issues are also available in a value pack in case you missed the first issue (upper right!)

What's it all about? What can you expect from issue 002? Well...

TITLE: Captain Wylde
FORMAT: American comic sized. Full Colour
PRICE: £3.99 (UK)
CREDITS: Written by John A. Short & illustrated by Gabrielle Noble
RELEASE: Out now!
AVAILABILITY: As print and kindle editions
Pirate Queen, Cinnamon Wylde, must seek out famed scientist, Isaac Newton, when her clockwork arm needs repairs. However an old enemy of Wylde and Newton is on their track and they find themselves targeted by assassin monk, Brother Bartram. Can Cinnamon defeat a man who has supernatural sword skills above a sea full of man-eating mermaids?

Friday, June 29, 2018

Video promo for CAPTAIN WYLDE 001

Click above to see the video promo for CAPTAIN WYLDE 001! Click the icon in the corner to see it full screen and make sure the sound is on!



Good news for all you pirate comics fans out there... Soon Captain Wylde will be back for a second, full colour issue! If you need to get caught up, issue 001 is still available in both paper and digital versions:

Number: 001
Price: £3.99
Format: American comic size, full colour, 24 pages
Creators: Written by John A. Short & illustrated by Gabrielle Noble
Plot: When pirate Cinnamon Wylde finds a strange brand on her hand she sets out to find who has cursed her and why. With Erasmus, her trusty homunculus at her side, she finds herself up-against dreaded pirate queen - Captain Dunaway and her clockwork automaton!
You'll find it on-sale to your right!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Welcome to the dedicated blog and store for CAPTAIN WYLDE pirate comics!

You'll find the first issue of CAPTAIN WYLDE on sale to your right, in both print and digital editions! A second issue is due out soon!